Sandra Nelson for State Representative


House District 27

Meet Sandra 

Still tutoring, Sandra Nelson is a former small business owner and educator specializing in reading.  Now, as a political candidate, she is applying the important principles of a firm foundation not only in education but also in government.


"A healthy and just society is based on the FIRM FOUNDATION of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The most important role of government is to protect these basic rights of each individual.

"Unfortunately, our basic rights have not been well-respected or protected by our state government.  That needs to change. As your state representative in Salem, I will work for that change. Please join me!"

What a person believes matters because IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

—and bad ideas have victims.


Do you care about truth?  I expect you do!--defining it rather simply as that which corresponds to objective reality.  In my own pursuit of truth, I have found that figuring out whom to believe is critical.  What kind of person do YOU trust?  I tend to trust people who have demonstrated competence and are humble, kind, and do good, defined not by their own subjective standards, but by what God says is good.  They ask questions with as little bias as possible, use logic, search for all the evidence they can find, and consider the many possible consequences of decisions before coming to a conclusion—even if it’s painful.


Do you think most people know what is good and right?  Maybe, but for various reasons, we’d rather not always live by that knowledge, fearing it might cramp our own desires, invite ridicule, or cost us our comfort.  (Most of us may not be as honest with ourselves as Aldous Huxley was, who wrote in Ends and Means, “I wanted to believe the Darwinian idea. I chose to believe it not because I think there was enormous evidence for it, nor because I believed it had the full authority to give interpretation to my origins, but I chose to believe it because it delivered me from trying to find meaning and freed me to my own erotic passions.”)


As a young adult, I searched for evidence of truth in the major world religions. Christianity made the most sense to me, as it drew me to its central message of God’s love and forgiveness of us and the love and forgiveness he taught us to have for one another.  What I eventually experienced was the reality of Jesus’ words, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.”  (John 14:6)  That reality has influenced every area of my life.


Does that mean I believe in forcing a theocracy on everyone?  No!  Neither did our founding fathers believe in theocracy.  In a free society we are free to believe or not to believe.  But God’s loving and rational designs tend to work for the benefit of all people in a way superior to man’s secular designs that ignore the fullness and beauty of what people can be.


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—the foundational trinity of our independence—are inalienable rights, not given by government; therefore, government cannot legitimately take them away.  Family, Church, and Government form the foundational trinity of institutions, each with different roles and boundaries.  When those in authority within each of the three institutions respect the various roles and boundaries, we all prosper as citizens.

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