Because of Covid-19, many more people are investigating alternative methods of education, especially homeschooling.  This can seem like an overwhelming task--even just choosing a curriculum for your children!  Although there are many fine curricula available, the one that seems to best fit my own criteria is the K-12, Ron Paul Curriculum.


If my children were still at home, I would certainly try this one, along with the superior Spell to Write and Read program for the teaching of reading.  Following are just some of my own criteria that you might find compelling as well:


  • The cost of the Ron Paul Curriculum is very reasonable.  It’s a set fee for the entire family, depending on whether you sign up for just one year ($350) or on a continuing basis ($250).  HOWEVER, if someone else chooses to use the curriculum because of your recommendation, you can set up an affiliate link and earn 50% of the annual membership fee that they pay.  (see  Each course is just $50/year, but children in grades 1-3 take only 2 courses/year (arithmetic and reading), and older students generally take 4 courses/year.  There are no costly textbooks to buy, but you do need a computer and a printer.  Every course comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • The structure of the curriculum is unpressured, allowing time for other activities in the day.  A relatively small portion of each day is dedicated to thoroughly learning the basics as efficiently as possible–with the rest of the day free to explore the fullness of life in your family, community, businesses, house of worship in art, music, sports, service, technology, building, science, mechanics, home economics, etc.  The list is endless.  Each course consists of 180 lessons—first watching a video and then applying what has been taught—in an hour or less/day for each lesson.


  • Students learn responsibility and independence because 98% of the courses are self-taught after grade 3.


  • Weekly writing assignments help the student grow in critical thinking skills, verbal mastery, and communication.


  • The curriculum upholds a worldview whose theme is liberty—and cherishing that God-given gift.


I encourage you to check out this website for yourself—and let me know what you think! 


The website is very thorough and should answer nearly every question you can think of.


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